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4??????????  The most frequently asked questions ??????????

Q. Does the SafeLandUSA Orientation replace my company required training program?

A. No.  The SafeLandUSA Orientation program is a Basic orientation and is not designed to fulfill mandatory state, local, federal or company specific safety training.  Companies are required to provide proficient level and adequate level training on specific topics. 

Q. Why can't I use my own orientation?

A. The SafeLandUSA Orientation is designed to give clear consistent awareness level training to employees.  If you’re current orientation program can pass the audit and accreditation process by meeting or exceeding the elements of the SLUSA then you may only if approval is given by the SafeLand Audit Group.

Q. Are you a certified OSHA Trainers?

A. No, I am an "Authorized" Outreach Instructor/Trainers.

Q. "Would you know what to do in the event of an emergency?"

A. Remain calm.  Contact EMS.  Protect yourself and others.

Q. "How would you react if someone you knew was injured or in danger?"

A. Remain calm, respond only to the level of my training.

Q.  “How do we know that the training is what we need?”
A. We are experts in the field of training and consulting.  We can direct you and provide the training that is pertinent for your industry and company's tasks.
Q. “Do you take short cuts in providing Adequate training for our employees or make the time for Proficient training?”  
A. No, It is clear in statistics.  You must provide Proficient training to all employees for the hazard that they may be exposed to regardless the time or cost.  Taking short cuts leads to injury and illness, lose of production, damage to property and equipment, poor quality, days away from work, higher workers' compensation rates and insurance premiums, and even death to employees and others.  In reality, Short Cuts can bankrupt you.   Please take the time to provide Proficient safety training.
Q. “Where do we go to get the required training?”
A. HR Safety Consulting LLC.  We are right here, contact us and let us help.
Q. “Who can I call that is knowledgeable and qualified to conduct the safety training and consulting for the Oil & Gas Industry?”
A. HR Safety Consulting LLC.  We specialize in the Oil and Gas Industry with over 36 years experience.  We will bring the training to you or you can come to us.  You make the choice.
Q. “Will the organization who provides the training for us be around next year?”
A. You can count on HR Safety Consulting LLC to be around for years to come.  We have been here for 14 years and plan on being here for many years to come. 


To find out more about our training courses, safety meetings, program development or to set up a tailored safety program specific to your industry please contact us at:

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