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The industry can't afford not to train employees.  Now is the time to put them in the seats, prepare them on work place hazards, train them on the recognition of hazards, train them how to mitigate and remove the hazards, train them how to work safe and to assure they remain safe and are able to go home safe each and every day.  

Dale Robinson is the Author of the "The Essentials of Oil & Gas Safety and Standards Course" 5 day course. 

Even when the prices of oil drop and work force decreases, the Oil & Gas industry is ever changing.  The policy, procedures and management of programs are changing as well.  No longer can a company perform unsafe work practices.  No more sending workers into Confined Spaces to clean a tank without proper training, confined space identification, proper PPE, personnel and a permitting.

This is just a sample of work practices used in the industry in the past.  Many other unsafe work practices were used and still are today.  All companies in the Oil & Gas Industry (General Contractors and Sub-Contractors) must adhere to strict policy and procedures i. e. Guidelines that will protect and provide a safe work place for every employee.

Most companies in this industry do not realize what guidelines they are to comply with. 

We have diligently researched the OSHA Standards for the right guidance.  We have been contacted by many Major and Independent Oil & Gas Companies and contractors of all aspects of business for the industry to find out what we know.

There are other Training Centers around the United States claiming that they can provide all necessary training for contractors working in the Oil & Gas Industry, but they have to contact us for the information on specific guidelines governing this hazardous industry.  

We offer every safety and health training course from A - Z that is required and pertinent for the Oil & Gas Industry including:

The most popular is the Essentials of safety for the Oil & Gas Industry course.





We offer any specialized "Safety and Health" topic for the Oil & Gas Industry. For more information and course description contact us.


We offer the 5 day "Essentials of Safety and Standards for the Oil & Gas Industry" course covering regulations and topic for the Oil & Gas Industry. For more information and course description contact us.

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